Here are all types of cross symbols e.g. cross †, outlined cross ✟, latin cross 3D ✞, greek cross ☩, west syriac cross ♰ and more symbols that you can copy in just one click and paste it wherever you want.

Cross Symbol Copy And Paste





Copy and Paste Cross Symbols:

Nowadays, the digital world has made it incredibly convenient to incorporate cross symbols into various forms of communication. Below are some commonly used cross symbols, along with their Unicode representations that you can easily copy and paste:

  1. Latin Cross: ✝️ (U+271D)
  2. Greek Cross: ✚ (U+271A)
  3. Celtic Cross: † (U+2020)
  4. Ankh: ☥ (U+2625)
  5. Swastika: 卐 (U+534D) – Note: Be cautious of the historical context and cultural sensitivity associated with the swastika.

To copy and paste these symbols, simply click on cross symbol and it will ready paste then, paste it into your document, message, or social media post using the “Paste” option.